AGM Tiling & Bathroom Installations

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  Robert came to me looking for a logo for his tiling & bathroom installation business. He wanted to incorporate the brick bond effect with the letters AGM.

Eve Appeal #GetLippy

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Throughout May 2018, The Eve Appeal and Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), brought together beauty brands and retailers to launch #GetLippy, a new campaign encouraging women – and men – to speak up and out about the signs and symptoms of… Read More »Eve Appeal #GetLippy

NS Plastering

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Nicky came to me looking for a logo for his business NS Plastering. Nicky wanted the letters NS incorporated in the logo. Ο Nicky ήρθε σε μένα ψάχνοντας για ένα λογότυπο για την επιχείρησή του NS Plastering. Ο Nicky ήθελε να… Read More »NS Plastering


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Luxury Dynamix are designers and online retailers of contemporary luxury furniture. They came to me for a modern clean logo that represents their company using the letters “LUM DMX”. Οι Luxury Dynamix είναι σχεδιαστές και online πωλητές σύγχρονων πολυτελών επίπλων. Ήρθαν… Read More »LUM DMX


Jason came to me looking for a name and logo for his groundwork & outer-builds business. I created a logo using the name ascend which means to go/move up. The reason I chose this name is the idea that Jason’s customers… Read More »Ascend

Style Valor

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Style Valor provides the everyday woman with trendy jewelry combined with a minimalistic taste. They came to me looking for a logo that represents their minimalist brand. Το Style Valor παρέχει στην καθημερινή γυναίκα μοντέρνα κοσμήματα σε συνδυασμό με μια… Read More »Style Valor


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Trimamuth is a clothing brand I created in 2015. My vision for a high-quality brand started with the combination of shapes and nature. The usage of animal parts and geometric shapes have led Trimamuth to become a brand which provides… Read More »Trimamuth

[Everyday] Psychophilosophy

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Jake Teeny is a Psychophilosopher. He asked me to design a logo that combines the words psychology and philosophy which represents he’s blog and psychophilosophy brand. Ο Τζέικ Τένι είναι ψυχοφιλοσοφος. Μου ζήτησε να σχεδιάσω ένα λογότυπο που συνδυάζει τις λέξεις… Read More »[Everyday] Psychophilosophy

Cynthia Graubart

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Cynthia Graubart is a food writer/editor, cookbook author, cooking teacher and speaker. She asked me to design a logo that represents everything she does. Cynthia was looking for a black line drawn logo. Η Cynthia Graubart είναι ένας εμπειρογνώμων τροφίμων,… Read More »Cynthia Graubart